License PlateIf you need to get the name and address plus additional pertinent information about the registered owner of a car, truck, auto or vehicle, then you can use a license plate lookup service to obtain the public records online.

If you need to find out the owner’s name and address now then, for your convenience you can simply enter a vehicle plate number above and click the search now image to perform a background check or license plate lookup. If there are dmv records or driving records available, you can retrieve the records in your member’s area quickly.

Can anyone perform a dmv search? If you have a legitimate reason as described by the DPPA (Driver’s Privacy Protection Act of 1974), you can initiate a license plate search.

Want to know who owns a certain car or automobile? Would like get those details quickly? Good news, now, you can initiate a look up or search using DMV records & other related resources. A search is available for all 50 states.

There may be a vast amount of different reasons why you could need to locate the registered owner of a car, truck or other automobile, such as for finding people for court cases. fraud, drunk driver, vehicle abandonment, or accident investigation.

It’s easy to do a lookup, you simply enter a license plate number. There are also searches available to search by VIN number. Our proprietary record resources will reveal if there are records available in the state in which you are performing a vehicle plate search. If the vehicle registration matches, the system will inform you immediately and let you have access to those records.

This search will reveal to you the car’s registered owner’s name and address, phone number, the vehicle make, automobile model, year, vehicle identification number (VIN), tag expiration date and other proprietary searches.

Simply Enter A License Plate Number, Select State And Click “Search” To See If There Is A License Plate Lookup Match:
Here’s a few states that you may be able get the owner’s details by entering their car plate number.

Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas : Alaska : California : Colorado : Connecticut
Nevada, Delaware : Florida : Georgia, Hawaii : Idaho : Illinois : Iowa
Indiana : Kansas | Kentucky | Louisiana | Maine : Massachusetts : Michigan
Missouri : Minnesota | Mississippi | Montana : New Mexico : New Hampshire
New York : New Jersey : North Dakota : North Carolina : Nebraska : Oregon
Ohio Pennsylvania : Rhode Island : South Carolina : South Dakota : Tennessee,
Texas : Utah | Vermont | Oklahoma, Wyoming , Washington, West Virginia, Virginia.

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