License Plate SearchIf you want to get the owner of a particular auto, then what you can perform is called a license plate search, license plate lookup, reverse license plate trace or some call it a car tag search.

The Problem is… Regardless of what you have heard or what you have read online. There is absolutely no such thing as a FREE license plate search or license plate lookup. I know there are many articles posted on authority sites and blogs that claim you can obtain owner’s information like name, address, phone number and more for free but, the reality is… This is private and personal information and you’ll have to pay something to retrieve the details..

There are quite a lot of reasons why you might want to perform this kind of search. Maybe you have an abandoned car on your property or perhaps you have encountered someone suspicious driving a particular car, or if you were involved in a hit and run case.

By getting their license plate number, you may be able to conduct a search for the registered owner of the car. This can be quite beneficial as you will be able to know about the car that seems suspicious. With the rise of criminal activity happening lately, you too would want to be cautious.

These are the things that you have to remember when it comes to finding out who owns a car. By just using a license plate number, you will be able to know who the owner of the car is and also know if the person is a safe driver by accessing their driving records.

Now as for the process of finding out the information related to an owner of a vehicle from a license plate number, there are some restrictions privacy wise. An online database of license plate numbers does not exist to the public. If you want to lookup a tag number, you have a few options.

You can go to the police. This scenario works if you are concerned about safety or there has been a crime committed. You can give the police the plate number and they will use it in a police report and possible investigation. They may or may not provide you with the details, but at least you will know that the incident is being looked into.

If you look in your local yellowpages, ad lookup P.I’s you can find several private investigation companies. These are licensed investigators that can retrieve the owner’s name and address for you. But, beware though, these private eye’s are quite expensive. Be prepared to pay from $100 to $300 or more for them to get this information for you. The average wait time is about 2 to 3 days in most cases. There are certain scenarios where this is allowable.

If you see a suspicious vehicle parked on your street, take down the number and trace it. By doing so, you can be sure that
you will be able to keep the neighborhood safe.