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License Plate Lookup


License Plate Lookup

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License Plate Lookup Image

License plate search info: Maybe you yourself have often happened into a situation where you need to find the owner of a car and all you have is their license plate number or may even a partial number.

Using the power of the internet, it’s now possible to retrieve the owner’s information using a reverse license plate lookup service. It’s available in all 50 states and you gain access to owner records and vehicle registration information.

Get started now by simply entering a full or partial license plate number above or below and click the search button to get the results



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There are many legitimate reasons that allow you to legally perform a license plate lookup to locate the registered owner of a vehicle, car or other automobile.

License Plate Search

Do you know what it takes to begin a license plate search or reverse license plate lookup online?

To retrieve the owner of a car information and vehicle registration records, you’ll need to access a license plate database or dmv records and driving records database.

There are resources online that allow a person to search someone by using a car tag or license plate number. You type in the license plate number and results will be returned to you online. The results may display such information as registered vehicle owner name, address, make and model of vehicle, expiration date, phone number of registered vehicle owner and more.

If you want to retrieve this sensitive license plate lookup information and search the owner of a vehicle, you should be careful of how much you want to pay for the data.  Don’t get ripped off!  Regardless of what you may have heard before, there is no such thing as a free license plate lookup. The databases usded are premium databases and it costs quite a bit for site owner’s to access, maintain, and update such valuable information.

Beware of the many sites that give false claims, are not legitimate and provide erroneous and outdated information. The majority of internet sites provide results that are often incomplete and contain errors.

In addition.   You may want to stay away from a private investigator unless you don’t mind paying the extra fees involved. These P.I.’s usually charge in upwards of $300 to get license plate number results for you by performing a license plate search and it could take several days to weeks to hear back from them.

A legitimate supplier of information will usually require a small monthly fee to gain access to their information in the private and public records databases which are constantly being updated. It’s important to use a look up service that allows it’s members to not only conduct a license plate search or do a reverse license plate lookup, but will also let someone search other pertinent information about the person you are researching as well.

For instance, in some database sites, once you have the person’s name and address, as a member, one can also retrieve useful information about their background history, get criminal records, determine what property and asseets they have, find neighbors and even determine if they are a sex offender.

Members in a legitimate membership site can look up marriage records, search divorce records, search genealogy records, obtain birth and death records, search property records, access military records, look up bankruptcy records, search outstanding warrants, look up convictions plus much more..

A good license plate lookup service and public records membership site will keep it’s members area and databases updated and provide sufficient customer support for helping to look up records for members online.

There are numerous license plate number services available today. Please note that they will be different in regards to quality and even in price.

By utilizing a good and legitimate reverse search – license plate lookup service you’ll save time and money.  As you probably already know, a private detective service can charge outrageously for such services. Plus, they can take several days to respond with the information you are seeking. By using a do-it-yourself website, you can access your records quickly online.

If you want to search a license plate number for your state, here are the states below that you may search for public records.

Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas : Alaska : California : Colorado : Connecticut
Nevada, Nebraska : Delaware : Florida : Georgia, Hawaii : Idaho : Illinois : Iowa : Indiana : Kansas | Kentucky | Louisiana | Maine : Massachusetts : Michigan
Missouri : Minnesota | Mississippi | Montana : New Mexico : New Hampshire
New York : New Jersey : North Dakota : North Carolina : Nebraska : Oregon
Ohio Pennsylvania : Rhode Island : South Carolina : South Dakota : Tennessee,
Texas : Utah | Vermont | Oklahoma, Wyoming , Washington, West Virginia, Virginia.

License plate lookup

services will have a nominal membership charge to access their private member’s area and all of the databases including the VIP databases and premium records. Inferior services are typically ranging from $35 to $125 per month.
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 A License Plate Lookup May Be Available For The Following States: Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Washington D.C.
Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennslvania Tennessee Texas West Virginia Virgina and Washington




License PlateIf you need to get the name and address plus additional pertinent information about the registered owner of a car, truck, auto or vehicle, then you can use a license plate lookup service to obtain the public records online.

If you need to find out the owner’s name and address now then, for your convenience you can simply enter a vehicle plate number above and click the search now image to perform a background check or license plate lookup. If there are dmv records or driving records available, you can retrieve the records in your member’s area quickly.

Can anyone perform a dmv search? If you have a legitimate reason as described by the DPPA (Driver’s Privacy Protection Act of 1974), you can initiate a license plate search.

Want to know who owns a certain car or automobile? Would like get those details quickly? Good news, now, you can initiate a look up or search using DMV records & other related resources. A search is available for all 50 states.

There may be a vast amount of different reasons why you could need to locate the registered owner of a car, truck or other automobile, such as for finding people for court cases. fraud, drunk driver, vehicle abandonment, or accident investigation.

It’s easy to do a lookup, you simply enter a license plate number. There are also searches available to search by VIN number. Our proprietary record resources will reveal if there are records available in the state in which you are performing a vehicle plate search. If the vehicle registration matches, the system will inform you immediately and let you have access to those records.

This search will reveal to you the car’s registered owner’s name and address, phone number, the vehicle make, automobile model, year, vehicle identification number (VIN), tag expiration date and other proprietary searches.

Simply Enter A License Plate Number, Select State And Click “Search” To See If There Is A License Plate Lookup Match:
Here’s a few states that you may be able get the owner’s details by entering their car plate number.

Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas : Alaska : California : Colorado : Connecticut
Nevada, Delaware : Florida : Georgia, Hawaii : Idaho : Illinois : Iowa
Indiana : Kansas | Kentucky | Louisiana | Maine : Massachusetts : Michigan
Missouri : Minnesota | Mississippi | Montana : New Mexico : New Hampshire
New York : New Jersey : North Dakota : North Carolina : Nebraska : Oregon
Ohio Pennsylvania : Rhode Island : South Carolina : South Dakota : Tennessee,
Texas : Utah | Vermont | Oklahoma, Wyoming , Washington, West Virginia, Virginia.

There are several lookup services available online or you may check out: Free License Plate Search. This service is not exactly free but, it is one of lowest we have found online for such valuable information.

Other lookup services include dmv records, court records, marriage records, divorce records, property records, bankruptcy records, criminal records, credit report records, dui records, birth records, death records. Just remember, if you hire a private investigator to search the information for you, it will cost you at least $300 and could possibly take days to return the search results.

Take advantage of a membership service like the one above and save a bundle on a public records search. Don’t waste hundreds of dollars on private eyes to do the investigating for you do it yourself and save.